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In Store Repair Services

Our expert technicians provide high quality and efficient repairs on a wide variety of devices!

Phone Repair

Smartphones play a vital role in our daily lives and that is why our technicians are trained in a variety of devices. Whether the display is cracked or not displaying, the battery isn't

holding a charge like it used to, or maybe it's something else. We are prepared to take care of it with quality work and efficiency!

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Tablet Repair

We know your tablets are important to you

and that is why we take great care making sure your tablet is working how it was when

it first sat in your hands. It doesn't matter if the display is cracked, the home button is malfunctioning or the tablet doesn't hold a charge or charge at all. We can fix it!

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Computer Repair

Computer repair can be a daunting task

which is why we offer our services for

component upgrades such as increased

storage capacity or memory. Maybe your

computer is just running a little funky.

Either way we are here to help resolve any

may issues you have!

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Laptop Repair

Is your laptop running slow? Display damaged? Not charging? Stop working entirely? Don't fret. Bring it over to Fargo Phone Repair so one of our technicians

can pinpoint the problem and figure

out a solution that works for you!

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Console Repair

Unable to play your favorite videogame

because your console isn't working properly?

Our skilled technicians are ready to get you

back to gaming as soon as possible!

From HDMI repairs due to faulty display,

or hard drive replacements because of load

errors or you just want increased storage. We can do it!


PC Tune-up

Our team of technicians are pros at

computer optimization! We can remove

bloatware, fine-tune the startup

procedure so your computer powers on

faster, and even optimize your system

settings so your computer experience is as

efficient as possible. Let's make your computer faster!

PC Tuneup_edited.png

Virus Removal

The internet is riddled with malware, viruses,

and spyware that slow down your computer

and decrease both performance and your

overall security. Our technicians are

experienced with removing these unwanted

programs. Let our technicians make your PC virus free!

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